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June 2001, and once again I travel to Brazil.

This time my trip begins in Salvador in the state of Bahia, unfortunately I am not in the company of my very special friends, this time I travel alone, ahead of me lies a two week package vacation, which was booked through Airtours an English company using the hotels of the man made Costa do Sauípe resort to the north of the city of Salvador.

 Once again I am in my favourite country, the place that I have dreamed of making my home, a place that holds special memories for me. I have enjoyed many wonderful times here amongst the Brazilian people, all of whom have treated me with respect and kindness.

Three long months have passed since my last visit, although the memories I have make it seem like only yesterday.  

My last trip was much further south on the island of Santa Catarina, this time I am in the north of the country where the original settlers first discovered this magnificent land.

During my stay I have seen the historic city of Salvador, with its mixture of the colonial buildings and also the modern high-rise “giants” of the “new” Salvador, I have experienced "capoeira" dancing (a form of martial art) originally practised by slaves and used as a means to settle their grievances. The dance of the “Forro” (for all) performed to the traditional music of this area, which is so very different from the music and dances I witnessed in Rio and Santa Catarina.

My trips took me to inland areas where the main crop is still sugar cane,  this is sold in large open markets where locals go to purchase many varieties of produce and local crafts,

During my stay celebrations were taking place to honour St. John, each evening and well into the night the streets were full of music and dance.

There are many experiences I would like to share and it is hoped that I will include these in a later update but for now I will leave this page as is.

All that remains to be said is a big thank you to two guys I met there, namely "Carlos" and  "Roberto", without whose help it would have been a struggle communicating (my Portuguese is still very basic)

In closing this page I would like to add that I honestly believe that this will not be my last time in Brazil and I leave here with many pleasurable memories.